Tuesday November 1,2016 : WORLD SERIES OF POKER 2016 UPDATE
Five survivors bag their chips on first day with Nguyen a clear leader.
Shortly after Kenny Hallaerts elimination at sixth late Sunday night Las Vegas time, it was agreed by officials and players to call it a night and bag up the chips until 5pm local on Monday.
Qui Nguyen was the clear leader in chip counts as the tired players made their way to their rooms, holding 128,625,000 chips and way ahead of his closest rival, Cliff Josephy (63,850,000) the other three survivors had the following chip counts:
Vojtěch Růžička Czech Republic 62,250,000
Gordon Vayo United States 58,200,000
Michael Ruane United States 23,700,000
Our  readers will recall that the first evening-night session of this years final table saw four player eliminated:
6 Kenny Hallaert Belgium $1,464,258
7 Griffin Benger Canada $1,250,190
8 Jerry Wong United States $1,100,076
9 Fernando Pons Spain $1,000,000
The next player to bust will take home a reward of  $1,935,288 for fifth position.