Most Popular Card Games

Since medieval times, games have played an important role in man's sociological and psychological well being. Among countless games played across the world, the card game is for sure one of the most popular games. Five years ago, the popularity of teen Patti and baccarat-the top two card games was less than15% and 40%, but today, they have doubled and stood at around 45% and 63%, respectively. What will happen in the next five years?

According to Google Trends statistics, the popularity of card games has exceeded its expectations, and searches raised by 112% in the past 12 months. This data proves the worldwide love and passion for the card games. Let's see some of the card games which are intensely competing to earn the top position.

Here Are the top 10

Teen Patti

Teen Patti was introduced in India, and it has since spread to various territories. The game Teen Patti is an Indian name meaning three cards. Some areas call it flush. It is fame for the past five years was standing less than 40%, today it is almost doubling. And in the next five years, we expect a 90% increase.


Stud is a game for fun- betting and enjoying the rounds. Each player receives face ups and face down cards (also called holes). It is a typical non-position game, where a player can completely change their position after each round. In the coming days, studs popularity is expected to drop to 87% from a current figure of 91%.


Many people crow it as one of the most dangerous games in the casino. But is that true? I doubt! From the current statistics, we can see that baccarat is violently conquering many gamers' hearts. In the past half of the decade, its popularity was under constant mockery by other card games like blackjack; hence only 11% of people knew it exists. From 2015 to 2025, its popularity is expected to rise by almost 8times.


This is the kingpin of all card games! And just like kings do, it is slowly but steadily increasing its claim. In the coming years, we are expecting a 2% increase in its fame to 60%.

Pai gow poker

Pai gow poker is a blend of the ancient world into a modern realm from two different destinations thousands of miles away- China and the USA. Perhaps its mix of cultures is the main reason why its admiration is rising by approximately 2% each year from 2015. And in the next five years, it will be standing at 57%.

Three card poker

It follows simple rules between the dealer and players; both of them play heads up. With only a few rules, most people are entirely abandoning it. Is it true that they want a more exciting and complex game? The following sad statistics indicate that perhaps in the next millennium, three card poker will be long extinct. For over the course of the past five years, 1% of the gamers have already abandoned it. And in the next five years, only 37% of the players will still be clinging to its rules.


Omaha is another card game that is facing extinction at an incredible speed. From 2015 to 2025, over half of the players who used to enjoy the game will have moved on. Nevertheless, it was a relatively populous game with 46% popularity in the past five years, but it has since been dropping to 35% and 24 % currently and what is expected in the future, respectively.

Let it ride

Let it ride is a card game that is slowly giving it a place to other more viable games. For the past five years, It was an essential aspect in many casinos, with its popularity standing at 51%. But by 2025, Google Trends projects its fall, and it will unstably balance at 21%.

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is played by two or more players, and in most cases, newcomers will always confuse it with poker. Nonetheless, its popularity is wanting! This game is fading very fast, and in the next five years, its popularity will be at 18%- a fall from 52% in 2015.

Jokers wild

Perhaps after its invention, the game remained in the “wild,” and only 14% of players knew it. It is admiration is falling, and as we speak, it is at 11%.

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