Tips for Advanced Blackjack Players

Blackjack is a great game because it provides a fast pace, fun, excitement, and the opportunity to win money when you get lucky. It is a game of chance so you never know when lady luck is going to be on your side. Advanced blackjack tips will help you bring your game to the next level when you have mastered the basics. If you are new to the casino game you should start with more simple tips and work your way up to these options.

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An advanced blackjack strategy is knowing when to stand on 16. This can be very difficult for beginners because they know that the dealer has to have at least 16 before they stand. When you have been playing for awhile you should implement a new strategy when you have a value at 16. You should not take a card when you are showing a 16 against a 10 up card if the count is +1 or greater. This may take some practice but will be second nature over time.

Don’t be afraid of busting with a hand valued at 15. This is an uncomfortable situation to be in, but the advanced blackjack strategy will tell you that you should stand on 15 against the dealers 10 when the count is higher than or equal to +4. Of course, this assumes that you are good at card counting or have a general idea of what is left in the deck, but this advanced blackjack strategy will help you navigate those uncomfortable situations where you aren’t quite sure what to do with that hand of 15.

Stop assuming that you should never split tens. Even though basic strategy tells you not to do it, there is a time and place. There is actually a time when you may want to split tens, believe it for not. You should always choose to split tens when a dealer has a six as their up card and you know that there are at least five or more 10 cards in the deck. With so many 10’s left in the deck and when the dealer has a six they are more than likely to bust.

Another advanced blackjack tip is to split 10’s when the dealer has a five up card. Of course, this can only be done when the deck is positive. In fact, you want the deck to have six or more 10’s remaining. The reason for this is that with so many 10’s left in the deck the dealer is more than likely to bust, and with all of the 10’s left you are likely to continue to make two valuable hands that are better than that of the dealer, earning you more in the way of winnings. This technique should only be attempted by those who are very adept at card counting and are sure of what remains in the deck.

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