is hands down the number one online poker site for tournaments and tournament promotions. With more than 200,000 players during peak hours, generous VIP programs and promotions, and tournaments starting literally every minute of the day it is no wonder PokerStars continues to widen their margin their margin as the world’s largest online poker site, now having a near 2.5-to-1 lead over their closest competitor.

In this article we’ll quickly cover the various tournament promotions available at PokerStars and link you to articles where you can get more information.

$600 PokerStars Sign Up Bonus

PokerStars starts all new players off with a 100% up to $600 sign up bonus. The good news for players not wishing to deposit $600 all in one shot, your first three deposits made within 90 days of sign up can count for this promotion. This sign up bonus releases in $10 increments for each 170 VPP earned. Earning VPP via tournaments is simple to understand; each dollar paid in tournament entry fees is worth 5.5 VPP.

To state this clearly in a $20+$2 tournament, $20 is the buy-in and $2 is the entry fee. In the case of playing a $20+$2 tournament you’ll earn 11 VPP ($5.5 entry fee X $2 buy-in). The PokerStars bonus equates to a 32.4% savings on your buy-in fees, otherwise stated as 32.4% tournament rakeback. The even better news is you can earn much the rest of your entry fees back courtesy of the PokerStars VIP Program.

Earning your entry fees back in full might not be as difficult as you’d think. PokerStars has some amazing promotions for tournament players in addition to the sign up bonus and their VIP program. We’ll cover those in brief detail below.

PokerStars Battle of Planets Sit and Go Leader Board

Perhaps the most generous of the PokerStars tournament promotions is their sit and go leader board races. At PokerStars there are 16 different races that take place each week. These are broken down into eight different stake ranges named after planets and each of the eight has a low orbit and a high orbit leader board.

At PokerStars each time you finish in the money in a sit and go tournament with 6-27 players you’ll earn sit and go leader board points towards the planet group that sit and goes buy-in falls under. An orbit is a block of tournaments, for example a low orbit has 20 sit and goes and a high orbit has 100 sit and goes. So say over the course of one week you played 204 $10+$1 sit and go tournaments. This means you’re competing in the planet Earth races and have completed 10 low orbits and 2 high orbits.

The first 20 sit and goes played fell into low orbit one, the second 20 into low orbit two, on through the 10 low orbits you completed. The remaining 4 tournaments did not complete an orbit so these don’t count. Likewise your first 100 tournaments go into high orbit one, second 200 are high orbit 2, and four left over don’t count. At the end of the week only your best low orbit score and best high orbit score will be considered for their respective leader boards. For full details on how points are earned, a full break down of payouts and additional details see our page PokerStars Sit and Go Leader Board.

PokerStars Multi Table Tournament Leader Board (MTT TLB)

One of the most coveted tournament leader boards in poker period is the PokerStars tournament leader board race. Several big name pros such as Shaun Deeb and Annette Obrestad (Annette_15) used PokerStars leader board victories to help catapult their poker careers. If you want recognition in poker perhaps the best way to get it is to go after the PokerStars tournament leader board. This leader board has prizes for weekly winners, monthly winners and annual winners which you can read about on our page PokerStars TLB.

Sunday Major Tournaments

While multiple tournaments start every minute at none are more prestigious or rewarding than their Sunday Majors. For details on these see our page Sunday Major Tournaments.

PokerStars VIP Tournaments

PokerStars hosts tournaments for their VIP members. It’s not too difficult to become a VIP as it takes just 750 VPP in a month to qualify for Silver Star. Once you qualify not only will you be able to redeem Frequent Player Points (FPP) for tournament entries, poker gear, electronics, high end merchandise and much more, you’ll also be invited to freeroll tournaments. Some of the more popular VIP freeroll tournaments are a $1,000,000 quarterly event which is free to enter and has been averaging a value of $288 per player, a $100,000 monthly tournament and a $30,000 weekly tournament. To learn more visit our page PokerStars VIP freerolls.

PokerStars offers such great value for tournament players that those with skill or run good can essentially play rake free tournament poker when combining the PokerStars sign up bonus with their VIP program and tournament promotions. To see if you have what it takes to be the next big tournament start why not head on over and get started at

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