888Ladies Relaunched

Monday December 2,2013 : 888LADIES REVAMPED
Customer intuitive in repositioning facelift
888 Holdings' bingo destination 888ladies has been overhauled bringing a fresh look and new features to the online bingo space.
The changes were made following a survey of current customers and online bingo enthusiasts with the "what makes an online bingo site great" thread driving the project.
The 888ladies' "You Make It Great" repositioning campaign emerged from the results of the survey along with the addition of a Casino games section in the lobby and a more intuitive interface.
"The rebranding of 888ladies will improve the player experience and give them a voice, whilst retaining the essence of what keeps our players coming back," commented Itai Pazner, senior vice president of 888 Holdings B2C. "It's the community of players that make 888ladies such a great place to play bingo, and our new approach reinforces that message."
The revamp will be supported by a multi-media campaign and a host of online promotions.