Craps Bankroll Management

The story is as old as time. You go to the casino to play craps and you end up getting excited excitement and suddenly you find that you have blown through your entire bankroll and then some. This can be devastating financially, so before this happens to you, you need to consider craps bankroll management. Taking time out for bankroll management will help you continue to enjoy craps well into the future instead of having it become a source of stress, embarrassment, or frustration.

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Thinking about finances is not the most exciting thing to do before you go play craps but you need to think about your bankroll before you log onto your computer or step one foot in the casino. Figuring out your bankroll before you are in the casino will make you more likely to make sound decisions. If you get to the casino and then decide how much you can play with you will allow excitement to affect your decisions instead of sound reasoning.

Consider how much you can afford to lose when you play craps, not just how much you can afford to risk in the hopes of getting it all back plus some. The reason that you have to consider this is that you are much more likely to lose the money than win anything because of the nature of casino games and you need to be honest with yourself about the fact that you will likely lose some, if not all of your money.

Decide on the dollar amount that you can afford and then do not deviate from it whatsoever. Not even a penny more should be spent. It can be tempting to spend more, but for the good of your finances and the enjoyment of the game you should not go above and beyond this dollar amount. This is how much you have to play with, so when it is gone, you’re done playing. It may be hard to tear yourself away from the table, but you are preserving your personal finances in doing so, so you need to stick to that dollar amount.

You can help to ensure that you come away with at least what you brought into the game if you decide to manage your winnings in addition to your original bank roll. Managing your winnings can help you ensure that you not only have a good time this time, but you have a good time the next time you want to play, as well. If you are on a winning streak and you find out that you have doubled your original bankroll, you might want to consider pulling out your original amount.

So, if you went into the game with $100 and suddenly you have $200 or more you should withdraw that original $100 and put it back into your bank account. This is a smart way to manage your winnings and your bankroll so that you always have more money to come back and play with again or so you have the money that you need for other areas of your life.

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