Tuesday October 1,2013 : 888POKER CLAMPS DOWN ON BUM-HUNTING
Online poker operator joins other companies in imposing "play it or leave" rule.
Professional poker sharks who occupy seats at virtual poker tables but do not play until a less experienced victim, or "fish", takes a seat will find their style cramped on 888Poker going forward.
The operator has joined other major online poker sites in halting the practice, called "bum-hunting" or "table camping" in table slang, according to a post from a company rep on the twoplustwo forum this week.
The rep said that site security will be monitoring the action on the lookout for this type of behaviour and will take immediate action where it is uncovered.
“We reserve the right, at our discretion, to take action against players ‘sitting out’ for excessive periods of time," the rep posted. "Repeated abusers of the ‘Sit out’ feature may be restricted from participating in our poker games either temporarily or indefinitely.”