House Odds In Roulette

Roulette is an age old game that is still played around the world today because it is fun, exciting, fast paced, and offers the ability to win money by risking money. A lot of people believe that the game is rigged, but it isn’t. The online casino or land casino makes no secret of the house odds, or the fact that there are essentially built in profits for them for every game that is played in the casino. If there were not house odds you would not be able to go to casinos because eventually they would run out of money and would have to close their doors. People have to lose in order for the casino to be able to pay you when you win. It’s a give and take.

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Despite the fact that it is a give and take, you should be aware what the house odds in roulette are. It will allow you to really sit back and look at the game and how it can benefit you and whether or not you should be risking your hard earned money at any one time. So just what are the house odds in roulette? It really depends on whether you are playing European roulette or American roulette. If you have researched roulette at all you know that most experts urge players to play European roulette because the house odds are less, giving you a better chance of winning, and this could not be a better suggestion.

The difference in the odds because of one extra number on the wheel is amazing. If you play a double zero game, also known as American roulette, the house odds are 5.26%. If you play a single zero or European roulette game the house odds are a much more reasonable 2.7%. This may not seem like all that much, but it’s more than 2% difference, which is huge. Because of the difference, you should ALWAYS choose to play European roulette. If you want the best chance of winning, you will never choose the American roulette tables.

Many people feel as though the games are rigged so that you always lose. They are not rigged so that you always lose, but they are rigged so that the casino will earn money and stay in business. It can be frustrating when you lose all the time, but know that someone is winning even when you’re not. If you keep at it long enough, Lady Luck will be on your side and you will eventually win. Knowing the house odds will help guide you to the right tables so that you can have the best chance at winning every time you play.

The odds are the same no matter which casino you play in, brick and mortar and online. The truly amazing thing is that these odds coincide with the fact that 30 hands can be played per hour, allowing for the casino to rake in a good deal of money on each and every game.

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