888poker in deal with Flow Esports

Announces partnership with streamers Flow Esports.
888Poker is forging closer links with the booming eSports sector and the hundreds of millions of younger demographic fans that the activity attracts. In its latest move the company has inked a partnership deal with Flow Esports, a major Hearthstone online streamer that can boast 10,000 weekly viewers.
A statement from 888 said it was only a matter of time before the company joined forces with Flow Esports, which is headed by Daniel Märkisch and includes Hearthstone professionals Tobias Graap, Vetle Stubberud and Johannes Steindl.
The team streams on Twitch daily, with Märkisch and Steindl hosting poker sessions once a week.
Hearthstone games receive over 1.7 million views per month and large gaming events are hosted at competitions such as Gamescom, Dreamhack and Insomnia. 888Poker believes that an association of poker with eSports has the potential to be beneficial to both verticals.