New Slot Fair Tycoon

Written On  4/18/11 By staff writer  Lenny Wasman :

24th one-of-a-kind proprietary release
"Fair Tycoon" is the latest proprietary release from WinADay Casino – its twenty-fourth "one-of-a-kind" game – where players are challenged to build their own amusement park replete with hot dogs, cotton candy, ferris wheels and the like.
The slot is a 5-reel, 17 payline slot tied to the site’s progressive jackpot and comes with a premium game where participants can become an entertainment magnate.
Players collect fair credits when they spin the reels which can be used later in the bonus game.  For the lucky, there are premium attractions to collect, such as a rollercoaster or a ferris wheel.
The goal, in the premium game, is to build a fairground that keeps visitors happy and earn bonus money by doing so. Fair builders can use credits to purchase carnival attractions like snack food vendors or a shooting gallery to amuse their visitors and they get to choose where to place each attraction in their fairground.