Poker Controller Updates

Posted 3/17/11 : Now players can use their iPad
Online poker fans can now move away from their PC keyboards when using the popular Poker Controller software following a new app from the original developers, Smarter Controls International in the UK that enables users to remotely control their action via iPad or iPhone.
Available from the iTunes store, the app has bet, check, and fold buttons, a plus/minus bet slider, x2, x3, x5, pot, and all-in buttons. Players have blind and lobby controls and can switch tables manually and automatically from the app, set bet levels and sit in and sit out. A wireless mouse touchpad is also available –  fully configured to let users play across different online poker rooms at the same time.
The app connects to the player's Windows-based PC when he or she downloads the free PC Software from the Poker Controls website. With these two applications connected, each of the player's moves will be instantly sent from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to his or her PC via Wi-Fi.
Four different editions of the PCIA are available in the iTunes Store, dependent on individual poker room requirements. The app can be used with,,,,,,,,, and
The $5 package includes free updates and upgrades, with new concepts currently being developed.