The latest marketing move by Absolute Poker – the availability of interest bearing gambling accounts for Vip players – is currently making waves in the online poker sector as a service long advocated by regular players.

Starting September 1st, Elite VIP members at Absolute will earn 9 percent interest per annum on their account balances under a newly introduced policy.

"We've taken the Elite level of our VIP program from rewarding to extraordinarily lucrative," claims David Clainer, Senior Vice President for Absolute Poker. "Why withdraw when you can build your bankroll on interest alone?"

The 9 percent per annum interest bearing account is based on a player's daily balance and requires an average daily balance greater than $1 000. The maximum eligible balance is $500 000.

The company rewards its VIP players with exclusive bonuses and service through three tiers: VIP, Platinum and Elite. To enter the VIP, Platinum and Elite levels, a player must earn 5 000, 20 000 and 40 000 VIP points respectively. Players must also earn a specified number of points each month to maintain their status. These points are earned by playing poker ring games, tournaments and blackjack.

In addition to the new 9% interest bearing account, Elite VIP members will continue to receive traditional benefits already offered by the site.