Adelson ready to donate $100 million to Trump

Washington DC publication The Hill claims that Adelson ready to donate $100 million to Trump campaign for the presidency.
Hard on the heels of an op-ed article by land casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson that he supports the presidential run of Donald Trump comes the news that the casino tycoon is prepared to put up $100 million to further the Trump campaign.
The Washington DC political newspaper The Hill broke the story over the weekend, revealing that mega-Republican donor Adelson has decided to curtail his spending on congressional races in order to focus his money on the presidential race.
Adelson officially endorsed Trump in an op-ed Friday, saying he “exemplifies the American spirit of determination, commitment to cause and business stewardship.”
Adelson is reportedly wary of the existing pro-Trump political action committees, The Hill claimed, noting that it is not yet clear where Adelson will decide to donate his money to the Trump cause.
Trump has himself criticised "super-PACs" during his campaign.
In the 2012 elections alone Adelson family members donated around $98 million to presidential and congressional Republican contenders, according to ProPublica.