Zone Poker At Ignition Poker

If you are new to the US online Poker world, or don’t currently play at Ignition Poker, you probably don’t know what Zone Poker is. Zone Poker is something brand new and only available at Ignition Poker. Ignition is the biggest online Poker room Allowing Us players available on the net today.

There are many reasons that Ignition Poker has risen above other U.S.A. online Poker rooms, but the biggest reason is that they listen to what their players want and act on it. Ignition Poker is one of the most player targeted US online Poker rooms available. Pleasing their online poker players is what prompted the creation of Zone Poker. If you are a player that hates to wait on the other players at the table to play, or are just tired of sitting and waiting while hands you have folded out of have played out, you will love what Zone Poker has to offer you. With Zone Poker, there is never any waiting, everything is rushed.

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Zone Poker is similar to T-Up for Bingo, as it is a faster paced version of the popular, classic game. Zone Poker is a Texas Holdem variant that allows you to play the classic game in a speed unheard of around the web. Zone Poker is only played in Texas Holdem ring game play and again, only available at Ignition Poker. This is definitely not your average cash game though, there are many things that make Zone Poker stand out and above many other real money ring games. Now that you have a basic idea of what to expect, we will get a little bit more into what the differences between Zone Poker ring games and regular real money ring games are.

Zone Poker Varients

As mentioned above, Zone Poker is a Texas Holdem ring game variant. It is played with 6 players at each table. For Zone Poker, instead of just filling up one table, there are a bunch of different ring tables that you will move amongst. When you sit down, blinds and dealing will go just like any other Texas Holdem ring game. Once all players have been dealt their cards, action will start with the player to the left of the big blind. As soon as all the cards are dealt, you will have the chance to ‘quick fold’. Quick folding means that you do not want to play that hand, it is like the box you can check at most online Poker rooms to fold your hand, here is where the big difference comes in.

In regular Texas Holdem ring games, you would check the box if you didn’t want to play and then when your turn comes the software will automatically fold your hand for you. In Zone Poker ring games, when you quick fold, your hand will be folded and you will find yourself with a brand new hand at a table with brand new players. That is the rush of it all. With Zone Poker you never have to wait for other players again unless you are in the hand. This is the purpose of the multiple tables. When players quick fold, they are moved to a table with an open seat that is just starting the hand. A great thing about Zone Poker is that you never have to worry about buying the button if you miss a couple hands, Zone Poker kicks off sit outs, so you will just have to re-buy in and start all over.

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