AGTech secures rights to Chinese card game Guan Dan

AGTech secures the rights to operate all competitive action on Chinese card game Guan Dan.
AGTech has announced that it has secured the 5-year rights to operate all competitive play of Chinese card game Guan Dan, and has formed a partnership with the organizers of a Chinese poker championship in China.
The five-year rights to Guan Dan were awarded by the Chess and Poker Games Administrative Centre under the General Administration of Sport of China, AGTech advised, taking the opportunity to reveal that  it has become one of the strategic partners and organizers of the China Competition Two-on-One Poker Championship.
“The launch of the Group’s competition poker business marks the Group’s official entry into the mind sports field of the China sports industry. Regulated competition poker business is complementary to the Group’s regulated lottery business and is expected to contribute to the growth of the Group’s revenue through the provision of an enriched range of entertainment products to its customers in China,” AGTech explained in its statement.
AGTech has been authorized to connect its competition software with the Competition Service Platform developed by Zhongqi Weiye, as well as to bid for, host, organize and operate Competition Guan Dan and Competition Poker tournaments.