12/23/2011 : Insider sources report that moves may be afoot to make some effort to pay owed players a proportion of what is due.
The Cereus Poker network and its parent group Blanca Gaming have been severely impacted by the Black Friday enforcement actions of federal authorities in the United States  but may be about to pay owed players….the snag is, it may only be a small proportion of what is actually owed.
Insider revelations were carried on the respected PocktFives online poker information site as the week closed, claiming that Cereus mainstays UBPoker and Absolute Poker could be about to pay players around 25 cents on the dollar.
Whatever the final amount, it will be considerably less than the actual amount owed, according to "multiple sources". The payments could be made on the basis of the financial straits in which the companies find themselves as they shut down, possibly for good.
Earlier this week one of the company founders, Brent Beckley, copped a plea bargain, pleading guilty to criminal charges associated with illegal transactions made with payment processors in the U.S. on internet poker payments