Wednesday October 31, 2012 : ARIZONA CYBER CAFE GAMBLING BUST
Large cash stash seized by police
Arizona's fierce opposition to most things gambling does not make the state a healthy place for cyber-cafe gambling operators, but it still appears to attract those with an appetite for risk.
This week one such operator found out just how much of a gamble business in Glendale can be when police swooped on the Jackpot Cafe, confiscating 40 computers, arresting two patrons and seizing a cash stash of around $940,000 before shutting down the premises.
The Arizona Department of Gaming assisted police in obtaining search warrants for the raid, and prosecutions are being prepared.
Gambling is legal on Arizona’s American Indian reservations and for strictly limited charitable events, but not in private, for-profit enterprises, a police spokesman warned.
The raid is the latest in a series of moves against cyber-gambling cafes in several US states