ASA Bans Bet365 Free Bet Ad

Wednesday February 5,2014 : BET365 TV AD AND WEBSITE CLAIMS BANNED BY ASA
No "free" element in campaign, says advertising authority
The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a bet365 TV advertisement and website claim promoting a "Free Bet Offer" following receipt of two complaints.
The complainants challenged whether the "free bet" claims made on both platforms were misleading as they had to stake their own money to make the "free" bet.
Both ads offered "… back any single winner at four to one or more on any race shown live on Channel Four and we'll give you a free bet to the same stake on the next live Channel Four race."  On-screen text stated "FREE BETS" and the voice-over continued, "If your free bet also wins at odds of four to one or more, you qualify for a free bet on the next live Channel Four race.  Keep backing those winners and we'll keep giving you free bets."  Small on-screen text included "Max free bet £50 per race.  Free bet winnings exclude stake".
The ASA said it did not consider that the promotion offered winning customers any ‘free' element when making a subsequent bet and that the "free bet" claim was misleading.  As such it may not appear again in its current form.