Tighter controls needed for A$790 million a year market say politicians
In Australia, the joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform has submitted its report, calling for more research, a ban on promoting live odds at sporting venues and during event broadcasts and generally tighter controls.
Chaired by independent MP and anti-online gambling politician Andrew Wilkie, the committee opined that betting on sport is proliferating and is currently worth about A$790 million a year.
Labor's Nick Champion, the committee deputy chairman, told the newspaper Courier-Mail that sports betting issues had ‘surreptitiously' crept into Australians' lives.
The committee recommended that a national independent research institute on gambling be set up and an education campaign be developed to highlight the risk of harm from online gambling.
Gambling advertising should be banned during times when children were likely to be watching television.
The committee also called for tighter controls on credit betting.