The veteran online casino, sportsbook and poker website BetUS has relaunched after an extensive revamp of both presentation and betting engine, offering its visitors a sleeker, more seamless gaming experience.
Spokesman Reed Richards is confident that BetUS gamblers will be pleased with the result, judging by reactions to beta-test users in recent weeks.
Improvements to the web site include:
* One-click betting to the most popular events; current games about to go off the board and featured propositions and futures.
* Retractable account details display to help "red button" unwelcome external interruptions.
* Search for odds by team name or by rotation number which will return all open bets on that game or team, including quarters, halves and props.
* Ability to choose between three different odds formats (U.S., Euro, UK).
* On-page bet slip build without the need to go to another page.
* Multiple types of wagers at the same time without have to re-input selections.
* Ability to type in risk or win amount before placing a wager
* New Casino Lobby