New TV Ads For BEtway

Wednesday July 2,2014 : BETWAY LAUNCHES NEW T.V. AD.
Second in the ‘Betway Stories' series promoting Betway Vegas sub-brand.
Betway has launched the second in its Betway Stories series of television advertisements, this one promoting its Betway Vegas mobile sub-brand and created by the Above and Beyond agency.
The marketing publication Campaign Live reports that the 30-second film depicts a casino company board of directors in an urgent meeting to discuss new competitor, Betway Vegas. Instead of finding a solution, the board, featuring cowboy hats and Elvis look-alikes, enthuse over the new product.
At the end of the spot, the chair of the board is shown using a tablet to play on the site.
The ad is the second of four TV spots from Betway. The previous ad, "Frank", showed a chauffeur to sports stars, promoting Betway Sports. Above and Beyond’s next instalment will mimic a road movie to advertise Betway Casino.
The overall campaign supports the rebranding of Betway, and Above and Beyond is seeking to differentiate its approach from a host of other gambling advertisements currently running in the UK.
Agency exec David Billing told Campaign Live: "Online gambling is now just another part of the entertainment mix, so brands need to start relating to their audiences on a human, approachable, emotional level."
View the latest ad in the series here: