Monday November 18 ,2013 : GSN LAUNCH PET PALS SLOTS
Limited-edition game in support of animal shelter society
GSN Games has launched a limited-edition social slot title in support of the Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS).
Throughout November, GSN Games is encouraging players to play Pet Pals Slots in the Games by GSN Facebook app.  GSN has pledged to turn game play into a donation of up to $30 000 to the BFAS.
Pet Pals Slots is a classic video slots game that lets casual gamers play for virtual Tokens by matching various combinations of appealing dogs and cats in up to 15 pay-lines. In the bonus game, players select a door to reveal a family waiting to adopt a pet and are then awarded a Token bonus.
"Our players have expressed their passion to support animal welfare organizations, so GSN Games has responded by partnering with Best Friends Animal Society," said Jeff Karp, executive vice president, mobile and social games for GSN Games. "With Pet Pals Slots, we're offering our players an opportunity to raise money for a cause they care deeply about, while doing something they love to do every day. We've made it easy for everyone to get involved and make a difference."
"We are delighted to join forces with GSN Games to raise awareness of the millions of animals in need of loving homes across the country," added Hillary Hutchens, development manager, corporate partnerships of Best Friends Animal Society.