Redesign of Bingo Around The World app by Foghorn Studios

Redesign of Bingo Around The World app by Foghorn Studios
Playsino has launched its Bingo World HD app in an iPhone-optimised version.
The iPhone optimised version of the game, launched for iPad in April and originally titled Bingo Around the World, enables users to play four bingo cards simultaneously while unlocking safes as they level up to win rewards reports Social Casino Intelligence (SCi).
Bingo Around The World was originally developed by the Foghorn studio which was bought along with Popover Games by Playsino earlier this year.
Playsino chief executive Brock Pierce told SCi: “Bingo is one of the highest-earning product genres in the gaming world and we’ve created a new class of that genre with Bingo World. The upgrade in quality is readily apparent and will be the bar against which all other bingo products are compared.
“Bingo World is by far the most user-rich bingo game on iOS, and we are very excited by the data since launch. As the first bingo game to perfect four-card simultaneous play on iPhone, we give users a far richer and more unique experience than current offerings in the marketplace,” he said.