Gambling Black List Blow Up In Bulgaria

Wednesday August 8,2013 : BLACK LIST BLOW-UP IN BULGARIA
Gaming commission rejects calls for its chief to be dismissed
The apparently shambolic publication of a Bulgarian online gambling blacklist before the appropriate regulations were properly implemented seems to have created a domestic furore, according to various news reports.
Full details are not yet available, but the independent Citizen's Steering Committee is clearly not happy with the manner in which online gambling is being handled by the Bulgarian State Gambling Commission, sending a letter to that body demanding that the blacklist be suspended; amendnments made to the Gambling Act; and the chief of the Commission, Ivan Enicherov, be removed from office.
Enicherov was appointed to the post in April this year, succeeding Kaloyan Krastev. Before that Enicherov was head of a division within the Legal Department of the Ministry of Finance.
The Commission has rejected the demands.