New Blaze Poker Feature Blazing Cannon

Added reward in new Blaze Poker feature
The innovative developers over at Microgaming have evolved the company's Blaze fast-fold poker product with the introduction of a Blazing Cannon Feature.
Players on the MPN (formerly known as the Microgaming Poker Network) have an opportunity to play the  mini-game each time they win 20 raked hands for a bonus of up to Euro 100 in cash.
MPN players are tasked to knock down golden suit tokens which are balanced on top of a house of cards using a cannon that fires a blazing poker chip.  Birds, downpours and alien invasions will try to foil the attempt but the more golden suits that are knocked down – the bigger the reward.
“The poker industry has never seen this type of game feature before,” said Lydia Melton, Head of Network Games at Microgaming. “We have developed something totally new that will bring an element of fun and surprise to Blaze Poker, whilst adding significant value for players.”
The feature is a permanent fixture to the Blaze Poker game and any money won playing the feature will be added to players' chip stacks for play on the next hand.
“When we first saw Blazing Cannon, we were extremely excited,” added Simon Lidzen, Head of Poker at Betsson Group. “The MPN team has come up with something totally unique; players are going to love it!”