Saturday September 29,2012  : ONLINE POKER SITE CLOSING DOWN
Bluff Room on the Merge network plans to withdraw fairly and efficiently
Just a month after sibling Bluff Gaming shut down, Bluff Room on the Merge Gaming Network is reportedly about to close.
Although regulated by the largely ineffective LGA regulator in Malta, it is understood that Bluff Room player funds are out of the operator’s hands and are administered by the Merge cashier, giving players a better chance of being paid out on positive account balances.
The Italian internet gambling service company IG Partners Limited operated the poker room, and earlier this year claimed that liquidity difficulties had prompted them to close sister site Bluff Gaming.
A reimbursement program was worked out for players in that case, and they were transferred to another website owned by the company.
The operator has yet to advise players on the closure strategy; in the meantime the Bluff Room website remains licensed by the LGA and is still subject to its regulations, although the LGA has hardly distinguished itself in player eyes during the closures of outfits like 5050Poker and Purple Lounge Poker