Here you can find few tips and tricks to follow that are meant to improve your internet poker game. These easy to follow pointers presented can help you get rid of those holes that can be found in every player’s strategy. Follow these tips and get rid of the unprofitable moves and start improving your poker odds.

1. AK is overrated! The AK hand is known as a very big slick in the world of poker for a reason. Please remember that the AK is only a drawing hand and there is no way a favorite hand against smaller pair or other lower cards; the AK is only 66% favorite. So this is the odds of winning. If you are going to get a big raise (4 times the blinds) or you get a re-raise, you should definitely fold the AK combination and move on. Most of the time this will be a wise decision.

2. Stay away from Lucky Hands or Favorite Hands! Just because you probably got luck once with a certain hand at the beginning when playing poker, it doesn’t necessarily means that it’s going to happen again. Lucky hands will only get lucky a couple of times and help your bankroll go down the other 100 times. This is why you should always select the position that you should, depending on what your cards are.

3. Keep an eye on what’s going on! As you start playing poker online, you will probably find moments when you are bored. These are the moments when you start making mistakes, by playing too many hands because you want action, or by not watching your opponents during the hands where you are not involved. By doing your best to be more focused on what is going on at the table, not only that you will be improving your odds at the table, but you can also make the whole game a lot more interesting for you.

4. Don’t Drink and Play! Many people are doing it, you shouldn’t! Never try to play poker while or after you drink. By drinking you will be making big mistakes that could cost you, your whole bankroll. You can’t concentrate and the opponents will have an edge over you. Many people that play poker while drinking are also making some crazy bets that leave them bankrupt.

5. Stick to the games you can afford! It’s always best that you go up the ladder as you get better at playing, but it’s better that you do that slowly and try not to skip any of the steps you have to make to get to the top. To make things clear and short, just don’t play the games that you can’t afford and you don’t have the bankroll for.

6. Don’t overestimate Small Pairs! While some players might overestimate the pairs like 33 or 55, you shouldn’t do that. The moment you get them don’t start by making large raises before the flop. These might not bring you a good return and the moment you have somebody calling you, you will not lose too much if you have played them cheaply.

7. Watch other players! One of the best ways of learning how to play poker is by watching other players high stakes games. This way you will be learning in real time their strategy. Try to observe what they are doing and try to learn what makes them strong enough to play at the high stakes.

8.Player Notes: A must in the online poker at sites like Bovada Poker,  is to make player notes. This way the moment you encounter the same player at the table you will know exactly how to handle him straight from the beginning, without having to observe him.

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