Bodog Poker Makes A New Move Agains Collusion

December 16,2011 : Next software update will allow players to request hand histories
Bodog Poker may have dismissed criticism of its anonymous tables concept, along with the HHmithy hack of its security systems, but the furore and concerns over collusion appear to have prompted the company to take some remedial action.
UK chief exec Patrik Selin revealed this week that the company will include in its upcoming software update a facility through which suspicious players can request hand histories, enabling them to check any suspected collusion. The update is scheduled for the first quarter of 2012.
"When you strip back all of the emotional comments from people with vested interests, whether they be players that use HUDs or are data-mining companies, there is only really one criticism that stands up to scrutiny and that is whether the lack of usernames can increase the opportunity for collusion,” Selin said.
He added that the availability of hand histories providing the hole cards for each player at the table will empower players with the ability to check and if necessary report any suspicions to the Bodog Poker security department.
Initial reaction among players has been critical that such apparent software afterthoughts are necessary; and that it may be a ponderous and complicated process for the recreational players that Bodog Poker claims are its priority.