Bookmakers Technology Corporation

January 1 is the launch date for a service that includes content from SIS FACTS and TRP.
With over 450 UK betting shops signed up in the last week, the Bookmakers Technology Corporation (BTC) must be feeling confident as it gears up for the launch of its audio channel on the first day of the new year.
The channel will include content from both the SIS FACTS and TRP channels, and will be managed from the BTC studio in Ashington, Northumberland, with delivery by SIS via the FACTS satellite decoder.
The service is available to any bookmaker who subscribes to both these channels, and will provide independent betting shops with a centrally managed switching service for commentaries on both the FACTS and TRP channels.
BTC says that there are plans in the first year to expand content with promotional offers, prices and tips.
Because BTC is a not-for-profit the costs for the channel are very reasonable and are designed simply to recover costs.
BTC director Howard Chisholm said in a statement Wednesday:
“We think that GBP 20 per month for this service represents very good value for money. We aim to provide a service that will add value to the separate TV channels that independents now require to provide full coverage of UK horseracing.”