UltimateBet – http://www.ultimatebet.com –  one of the world's largest internet poker sites — released the results of their latest online poker player survey concerning "Which celebrity would you most like to challenge in a must-win Texas Hold 'em poker tournament?"

Not surprisingly, the "it girl" of endless drama — Britney Spears — topped internet poker players' lists of most-desired and easily-beatable celebrity rivals.

UltimateBet surveyed just over 12,000 of its online poker players to find out which celebrity they would like to see seated across from them in a must- win poker tournament. When facing this situation, 46% choose bald rehab, drive-through celeb Britney Spears. Her recent bizarre activities were widely noted as evidence of weak poker play.

"Given her erratic behavior, it's evident that most folks consider Britney a fish — easy to beat," stated UltimateBet spokesperson George MacLean. "What's fascinating is that most players are willing to endure staring at a bald Britney in order to win the tournament. Now that's dedication!"

Rounding out the top five celebrities were Lindsay Lohan at 21%, Paris Hilton at 15%, Sienna Miller at 7%, and 5% choosing other poker-challenged celebrities