Announced changes in the Bwin Board

Monday May 19,2014 :  ADER REACTS TO BWIN BOARD CHANGES (Update)
Congratulates Bwin Chairman on steps taken towards reconstituting Board
Jason Ader of SpringOwl Asset Management responded to the announced changes in the Bwin Board  by congratulating Chairman Philip Yea on the initial steps taken in reconstituting the Bwin Board but said he finds the timing of the announcement curious with the AGM just a few days away.
Ader continues to push for the addition of Michael Fertik and Kal Patel to the Board while taking credit for the Board's decision by saying: "We believe that this announcement is the direct consequence of the overwhelming support we have received from our fellow BWIN shareholders for the call for board change that we have made".
"We look forward to engaging in more constructive dialogue with Mr. Yea and helping to build a better BWIN for the benefit of all shareholders," Ader concluded.