Big Ambitions For Everest Poker Subsidiary

But legalization in Massachusetts could still be some way off
A legal representative for Everest Poker's US subsidiary Cambridge Interactive Development Corp. voiced some ambitious hopes for the company in an exclusive interview with the online gambling information portal Gambling 911 this week, perhaps positioning his company for the future as much as reporting real progress in its endeavours to obtain licensing in the state of Massachusetts.
Our readers will recall that the legalization of online gambling in Massachusetts is still but a gleam in the eye of Representative Dan Winslow, who has been trying to tack a legalization amendment on to a measure proposing the licensing of three new land gambling casinos in the state (which will almost certainly want any online gambling action that may be approved as well).
Lawyer Ethan Park told 911 that CIDC would be interested in applying for an online gambling licence approved by the legislature, but judging by the time it took Nevada to prepare a regulatory regime, that could be some way off for a bill that has yet to be debated and voted upon.
Nevertheless, Park apparently thinks that Massachusetts could have legalised online poker by the middle of next year, and he believes that Winslow's amendment, which proposes the creation of three online poker licenses in parallel with the land casino expansion, is a good bet.
“We will be very active in the legislative process,” Park promised.