The CardSpike controversy  continued to generate heated debate on poker and affiliate websites as the week closed, with a spokesman for CAP strongly denying that it was the owner of the troubled poker skin, and its network host, Cake Poker reassuring affiliates that they would be paid as it continues to investigate the matter.
Lou Fabiano, speaking on behalf of Casino Affiliate Programs and Poker Affiliate Programs, issued a strong denial of recent and as yet unsubstantiated accusations from a competing webmaster community site that the companies were the beneficial owners of CardSpike, which could raise ethical issues.
"Cardspike is not controlled or managed by CAP, PAP, Affiliate Media, Warren Jolly (organizer) or Lou "The Professor" Fabiano," Fabiano said. 
"CAP, PAP, Affiliate Media, Warren Jolly, Lou "The Professor" Fabiano and all other personnel of CAP have absolutely no ownership interest, no profits interest and no beneficial interest whatsoever in Cardspike.
"Any statements or malicious rumors to the contrary are untrue and unfair."

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