CLickFun Partners With Betway

Wednesday November 14, 2012 : CLICKFUN PARTNERS WITH BETWAY
Another social gaming casino offering real-money-play to UK residents
European online betting firm Betway has signed a strategic agreement to develop, market and operate a combined social and real-money casino with Online Skill Limited who owns the Clickfun Social Casino.
Following a brief soft-launch, Clickfun Casino will allow UK customers to play casino games for real-money at Clickfun utilising the web, mobile and Facebook platforms.
Daniel Fiske, co-founder and CTO of Clickfun Casino said: “We are thrilled about our new partnership with The Betway Group, one of Europe’s most innovative online gaming companies. Clickfun is constantly looking for new ways to develop and adapt to market changes. We feel that offering a real-money environment alongside our social platform is the next logical step in the evolution of our company.”
Richard Akitt, chief executive of The Betway Group, said: “The link-up between Clickfun Casino and The Betway Group allows the two companies to combine Betway’s real-money gaming expertise with Clickfun’s innovative, industry-leading social casino platform. The move is a natural step that will bring a new, exciting gaming experience in both social and real-money.”