Doug Polk's assessment of the playboy's poker talent gets wide coverage.
Dan Bilzerian, the high profile Instagram legend, jet setting playboy and allegedly deadly online poker player who claims he accrued a $50 million fortune playing the game, is currently receiving some not-so-flattering internet and mainstream press coverage following an assessment of his capability by poker pro and coach Doug Polk.
Polk, who runs tutorial site Upswing Poker, said of Bilzerian: “He claims to have made all of his money from poker. Yet his dad made a lot of money, but in the 80s went to jail and was forced to pay a $50-60 million fine and only paid a few million. The money is missing and we just don’t know where it went.”
Polk used his video blog at to give a running commentary and critique on an online match Bilzerian recently livestreamed, and his conclusions were not flattering, concluding:
“All in all. I wouldn’t have said he played all that great. On the internet he’s a fish [amateur] in the water.”
Several of the almost 60,000 players who have viewed the video since it was posted three days ago, appear to concur, but point out that his continued promotion of poker as an easy route to becoming a multi-millionaire is good publicity for the game.
Bilzerian is yet to comment on the criticism.
The story has spilled over into the mainstream press, with just one example here: