Are Slots Rigged ?

If you have spent any time playing slots, like Buffalo Stampede Slot Machine you have probably wondered if the slots are rigged. If you spend any amount of time in casinos or learning about slots you have probably overheard others asking this question. It is a very common question and the answer depends on exactly what you mean by rigged.

The casino industry, both online casinos and land based casino,  is heavily regulated, so if you are playing regulated slot machines the machines are not rigged, per say. What they are is programmed. This programming doesn’t mean that no one will ever will while playing the slot machine, it will just determine how often someone wins. For instance, slot machines are programmed to pay out anywhere from 83 to 99% of the coins that are put in them. Of course, this is a wide gap so some machines are going to pay out a lot more often than others.

Why are the slot machines allowed to be programmed?

It’s because they are actually run by microprocessors that are found within the slot machine. These microprocessors ensure that every time the reels start moving that the outcome is completely random. So, the programming simply determines what percentage of the coins put into the machine will be paid out, but it doesn’t influence when they are paid out or when the combinations that will pay out will pop up.

Some people consider this rigging the machines, but the governing bodies are very careful to ensure that they are not. What you have to remember is that the machines may be programmed, but slots is a truly chance driven game. When you put the coins into the slot machine your fate is sealed, the outcome has already been determined based on the microprocessor that randomly chooses the symbols. Because it’s all about chance, it’s hard to say that the machines are really rigged.

So, does this mean that slots are a bad bet?

Only you can answer that question. Slots are supposed to be a form of entertainment. Part of what makes it fun is that there is a lot of risk involved. You have to decide how much of a risk is involved knowing that you may not be the lucky one who gets the winning combination of symbols. Luckily, there are a lot of different slot machines that will allow you to play for very little. This is beneficial because it means you can have fun while stretching out a modest bankroll.

To answer the question in terms of the law: no slot machines are not rigged. Instead, they are programmed only as to what percentage of coins will be paid out. The term rigging implies that the machine has been programmed to ensure that you do not win, but this is not the case. It’s a fine line and to some people the programming means the same thing. Regardless, slot machines remain one of the biggest attractions in any one casino.

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