Delaware Gambling Regulations Published

Public comments invited
The Delaware state lottery has published its draft of new online gambling regulations for public comment at:
Delaware is one of three states to approve online gambling, along with Nevada and New Jersey.
The draft carries a summary of contents that states:
"Delaware Department of Finance ("Department"), Office of the State Lottery, pursuant to 29 Delaware Code, Section
4826 (29 Del.C. §4826) is proposing amendments to 10 DE Admin. Code 206 in response to the signing of House Bill 333,
the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012, on June 28, 2012 which authorized Internet Lotteries.
"These amendments will update Lottery regulations to include new Internet Lottery regulations. Internet Lotteries are defined by 29 Del.C. §4801(i) as "all lottery games in which the player's interaction with the game operated by the Office occurs over the Internet (which, for purposes of this chapter, shall include any public or private computer or terminal network, whether linked electronically, wirelessly, through optical networking technology or other means), including Internet
ticket games, the Internet video lottery and Internet table games.
“The proposed regulations will set forth parameters for minimum internal controls, vendor licensing, employee licensing, approval of gaming equipment, and other operational
The regulations cover both table games and poker.