Daily Mail claims Denise Coates took home GBP 117 million in salary and dividends last year.
The Daily Mail reported Saturday that Denise Coates (49), who started out crunching numbers in her fathers small betting shop and went on to found online betting giant bet365 fifteen years ago, took home GBP 117.5 million last year, made up of her CEO salary (GBP 54 million) and dividends (GBP 65.5 million).
The newspaper reports that Coates is now Britains highest paid businesswoman, and quotes a Forbes estimate that she is currently worth GBP 2.8 billion.
The mother of five lives in a GBP 1.3 million home – a long way from her launch of the online gambling giant she leads, which she started from a Portakabin in a Potteries car park after recognising the potential of online betting in its pioneering days.
"Her basic pay was second only to Sir Martin Sorrell of media giant WPP, who made GBP 70 million last year, and dwarves the packets given to bosses of oil giants such as BP and Shell," the Mail observes.