Wednesday May 23, 2012 :  DEQ TAKES EZ BACCARAT SOCIAL
Expansion into online environment
A collaboration between the Talisman Group and table game technology provider DEQ Systems Corp. has seen the launch of DEQ's EZ Baccarat as a free-play app in the social gaming environment.
The game accelerates the speed of baccarat by eliminating commission and allows optional side wagers during play called Dragon 7 and Panda 8's.
"This is the first critical step for DEQ's table game line of products to be operating in the Internet and Mobile segments of the gaming market", said Earle Hall, chief of DEQ.
Future plans for the product include adapting the free social gaming app to different mobile platforms which will lay down the framework for revenue-generating play.
"It goes without saying that we are very excited as to the potential of this game online and we are looking forward to deploying the next stages of our online strategy for EZ Baccarat and our other products," added Hall.
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