Microgaming Diamond Edition

Premium package includes unique multi-player Roulette
Microgaming is offering a "new and improved" casino experience with the launch of the "Diamond Edition" of its existing Live Dealer games.
The "Diamond Edition Live Dealer package" offers redefined graphics which the company says heightens the player's senses of being in a casino as well as providing more statistics to aid their chances of winning.
Diamond Edition offers unique multi-player Roulette allowing players to see other players' bets on the table in real time.
A Microgaming Live Games spokesperson said: “The Diamond Edition was partly conceived because of the trend we have noticed towards playing multi-player games, and we were keen to ensure that players have even greater opportunity to take advantage of this function, this time through Roulette.
“Already, 16 Microgaming customers are using the Live Games product after just one year in the market, indicating that our first-rate technology and comprehensive live experience is being used by thousands of gamers worldwide.”