Draftkings Hints at Mergers

Robins chooses his words carefully when quizzed about merger rumours.
The CEO of daily fantasy sports market leader DraftKings, Jason Robins, chose his words very carefully in responding to questions from the USA Today newspaper regarding rumours that his company was in merger talks with rival FanDuel.
Speaking to a reporter from the newspaper after the news that DFS had been legalised in New York early Saturday, Robins said that a possible merger between his company and FanDuel is a "very interesting idea" that could add value for shareholders and provide customers with a better service at a better cost.
But thats as far as he would go, dodging confirmation that talks with FanDuel were in progress, or even the chances of such a possibility.
"I don’t really have much more insight into how likely or not likely that would be," Robins told USA Today Sports Saturday. "I certainly haven’t changed my view on how interesting it is."