The latest clash in the marathon 50 000 hand, multi-table online poker challenge between Finnish pro Patrik Antonius and Tom ‘durrr' Dwan has seen the fighting Finn move significantly closer to winning the million-and-a-half dollar wager by convincingly defeating Dwan, creating an almost $500 000 lead for himself.
42 hours into the challenge, Antonius outplayed Dwan, taking several significant pots to put him $ 488 133 ahead as the two battled to the 13 246 hands played in the challenge. A stunning $ 81 244 200 has been wagered on the sessions played thus far. Dwan lost $328 470 in this one clash, which generated an average pot size of $ 4 364.
The latest session was brief at just over 30 minutes and 300 hands, but decisive for Antonius, and leaves Dwan with a large gap to close, although there is still plenty of time left in the challenge.