Tom ‘durrr' Dwan and Patrik Antonius got it together for another session in their 50 000 hand million dollar poker challenge this week after delays caused by over-full calendars and movements around the globe.
The two poker aces mixed it up over another nine hundred hands and three hours, bringing the total played so far to a mere 10 percent of the total agreed, with Antonius closing the gap overall but Dwan still ahead in earnings by more than $50 000.
The rules require that the two play over 4 tables in the challenge, and this was accomplished with ease – in fact Dwan showed his remarkable abilty to multi-task by playing in outside games on an additional 5 PLO tables at one stage.
The independent online poker statistical site MarketPulse summarised the Dwan challenge as 5 092 hands played thus far, leaving 44 908 still to be contested; a total of almost 16 hours of play recorded thus far between Antonius and Dwan; six sessions played to date and $28.6 million wagered and placed at risk.