What happened to Dwans Poker Challenge

01/08/2012 :   The Jungleman wants Durrrr to put up or shut up
After early interest in the various big-money internet poker challenges proposed by Tom ‘durrrr' Dwan, the fascination has faded for many readers due to the protracted nature and erratic scheduling of such events.
In the latest event – against Dan ‘jungleman' Cates – that frustration surfaced in an interview with Black Belt Poker this week in which he was critical of the lack of real progress being made and suggested a settlement.
“We've played around 20,000 hands, but we're not really done yet," said an exasperated Cates.
"He has not settled. However, if he's incredibly flakey about following up with the Challenge, and it doesn't seem very high on his priority list, then I would like him to settle, or play out his hands pretty soon.
"Technically, it's still on, but it's not really going anywhere. I want durrrr to show a little more commitment to this Challenge, especially because we both agreed to play 5,000 hands a month, and that obviously hasn't happened at all.”