Election Themed Slot

Have a bit of fun with the upcoming US elections
Launching a slot themed on an event of major international interest – the US presidential elections – is a smart move announced by the online gambling information portal Online-Casinos this week.
The slot game graphics feature several 2012 presidential candidates including Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and other Republican hopefuls.
Titled "Red, White and Who?" the new offering is a free to play slot that offers players a traditional 9 line format complete with two distinct bonus rounds in a politically orientated environment.
The bonus rounds include a light-hearted feature in which the player attempts to manipulate the vote by rigging the polls, stuffing extra ballots.  The more that are counted, the higher the bonus win, but the player needs to be careful;  if they stuff too many they may get caught – ending the bonus round with nothing to show for their efforts.
The second bonus round takes the concept of a presidential race quite literally, with candidates riding down the street on their respective Republican elephants and Democratic donkeys after the player chooses the order in which they will finish, with accurate picks awarding a bigger win.