Electronic Ball Lottery

Virtual sports lottery game now live in sports lottery stores across Jiangsu province, branded Electronic Ball Lottery.
The virtual football joint venture of Ladbrokes and Hong Kong-registered AGTech has announced the launch Thursday of a virtual sports lottery game in Jiangsu province – China’s largest lottery  market – under the brand name Electronic Ball Lottery.
The JV has entered into a long-term agreement with Jiangsu SLAC to provide it with the Virtual Football game and its underlying system and services on a revenue sharing basis.
Senior government officials and key personnel from sports lottery-related government departments, as well as senior officials of Jiangsu’s People's Provincial Government were present in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu, to witness today’s official launch.
Virtual Football is available in sports lottery stores across Jiangsu province, alongside AGTech's popular Lucky Racing game, as another nationally-approved, rapid-draw, fixed-odds virtual sports lottery game in China. All bets provide players with a fixed odds payout (i.e. not pool betting).
A company spokesman said that once Virtual Football is fully deployed in Jiangsu, the game will be rolled out nationally.