New Slot : Everybody’s Progressive

Tuesday, May 1,2012 :  NEW PLAYTECH SLOT
Unique format means more winners in this progressive jackpot game
A new online progressive slot game from Playtech "Everybody's Progressive" offers players an opportunity to win offline as well as online if they had played a minimum of Euro 50 in the preceding 24 hours.
The games Mystery Progressive Jackpot feature pays out 70 percent of winnings to the player, whether they are online or offline at the time of the hit.  The remaining 30 percent is halved and allocates 15 percent to other players who were qualified to win as the jackpot hit and the other 15 percent to the remaining players whose winnings are calculated according to how much they wagered in the 24 hours prior to the jackpot being hit.
As the unique format of the online slot supports multi-player capability, the jackpot is predicted to be a hefty one on its first hit.