Bookie Petition on FOBT Issues

Tuesday April 22,2014 :  BOOKIES SET UP PETITION ON F.O.B.T. ISSUE
Betting shops across the UK urge players to sign.
The Guardian newspaper reports that over the weekend a petition organised by the Association of British Bookmakers appeared in shops across Britain headed "Enough's Enough" and seeking customer support for an appeal against government restrictions which it claims could cost jobs in the industry.
The Guardian took a jaundiced view of the effort, which does not specifically name Fixed Odds Betting Terminal actions by the UK government, but implies it in claiming that "…recent Government announcements have put more than 10,000 jobs and 2,300 shops at immediate risk".
The petition includes mention of the gambler's right to place wagers.
"As long as our customers gamble responsibly," the petition says, "we believe you should be free to enjoy your leisure time as you choose without being demonised."