Tuesday July 28,2015 :  BIG PLANS FOR FULL TILT
44 percent decline in players this year triggers a more recreational-based strategy.
Full Tilt, a Rational Group subsidiary and sister site to Pokerstars, has reportedly suffered a 44 percent decline in players since the beginning of this year – from an average of 1,800 seats filled in cash games to just 1,000.
That has clearly caught the attention of management as more than just a seasonal phenomenon, prompting m.d. Dominic Mansour to blog that big changes are imminent, with more emphasis on recreational players, a levelling of the professionals vs. fish field and improved loyalty programs.
That's been followed by the more recent announcement that the company has appointed pro player Marc Kennedy as its ambassador, tasked with liaison between players and Full Tilt senior management.
Kennedy will have a primarily listening and report-back role as a voice for the players, a player-centric strategy that has worked well in the past for big sister Pokerstars.
Mansour has hinted that further changes are in motion and will be announced in the weeks and months ahead, so keep an eye out for a resurgent Full Tilt.