The Nerve Of Fulltilt Poker No Money Yet

No sign of payments to US player, but federally-appointed administrator wants positive votes
Long-suffering American players awaiting their refunds from the Full Tilt Poker debacle for the past two years  have been exchanging not very complimentary views on the latest correspondence to emanate from Garden City Group – the third party administrator appointed after a prolonged process by the US federal government to handle the multi-million payments project.
The communication had nothing to do with the outstanding monies, however – it was a rather cheeky attempt by the administrator to garner votes for a top claims administrator award!
Seeing as four months have passed since the GCG appointment, with as yet little sign of activity, players can be forgiven for expressing impatience and some irritation…all forcefully expressed by a number of recognisable names in online poker on internet message boards, Facebook and Twitter.
The consensus appears to be: "Enough of the chutzpah with this request for votes – pay us and then we'll talk about how good you are."
Following massive payments in 2011 from new Full Tilt Poker owner The Rational Group, there is at least $150 million earmarked for player refunds in the government-GCG kitty.